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Engineering educational counseling for teaching faculty, parents and students

Dr J D Bapat is an independent professional working as consultant, researcher, trainer, author for engineering education and research, stationed at Pune, Maharashtra, India

Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, he is educated at highly reputed institutions with consistently good academic record (see Curriculum Vitae for more details).

In 37 years of successful career, he spent 16 years conducting research, training and consultancy at National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB), New Delhi, 3 years at Walchandnagar Industries, Walchandnagar engaged in process design and marketing of modern cement plants machinery and 17 years at reputed engineering colleges under the University of Pune, as teacher, researcher and administrator, before launching as an independent consultant in 2011.

He started his academic career in 1994 as a Professor and Head of Chemical Engineering Department, at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, then affiliated to the University of Pune. There he rose to the rank of Director: Postgraduate Studies and Research. Later for six years, he worked as Principal at the AISSMS College of Engineering and Maharashtra Academy of Engineering, Pune.

He had a successful career as a Professor, Researcher and Principal. During his tenure, the Students of the College topped the University final BE examination, consistently. He also introduced modern management concepts in the College and made it more responsive to the needs of the students and the faculty. He gave special attention to the image building of the organisation. Under his guidance the College received Grade – A in NAAC Accreditation. Dr J D Bapat possesses expertise in NAAC/NBA accreditation and ISO for the educational institutions. There was also substantial improvement in the R&D activity and the number of research projects funded by the external agencies, like University, AICTE, DST and so on. The college witnessed substantial interaction with the industry experts, which enriched the learning experience for the students.

While in the academic institutions, he maintained cordial relation with students and parents, not only during education but even after the students left the college for higher studies or for job. Dr J D Bapat is looked as a friendly guide for the students, parents and the faculty.

Dr J D Bapat’s expert counseling is sought in the following areas:

(a) Faculty: Achieving excellence in teaching and research.

(b) Parents and Students: Choice of the engineering college and course, higher education, career planning.

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